Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Tell us how you really feel?

joeybob wrote:

In my opinion Nikon has turned into a dumbass company.

Well, obviously you've stated your point. Maybe you are right - maybe not. My bet is that Nikon knows EXACTLY what they are doing.

IMHO, Nikon doesn't care as in they don't give a rat's a ss... I mean, if there was ever any doubt about that, the proof would be how they handled the D600 fiasco. What's it been? A year and 1/2 after it's release and they are finally reacting (after they peeve everyone that bought one even further w/release of the D610)? Again, IMHO Nikon doesn't care. We are now in an era where new cameras come out with such frequency that there are currently 56 different cameras on the market from Nikon (give or take a few).

When Nikon (and Canon) were making film cameras how many SLRs did they make each year and contrast that with the number of DSLRs that Nikon advertises on their site now (17 or so?!?). If folks on this site can't find a camera (or cameras) that do the job then hang on... Nikon will probably release another model next quarter that will frustrate everyone even more...

The truth is that right now these things are essentially disposable and it's a sellers market.

I'm not following you here. The inventory is piling up, the overall sales are down, we have rebates and sales with predictable regularity. Why is it a sellers market? IMO it is mostly a buyers market except maybe at the very top of the line.

I agree with you that new cameras are made with such frequency that they do seem disposable, even at $2-3K price point, thanks to the marketing machine and the constant desire to have latest and greatest. But ultimately it is up to the consumer. Some people need a new car every year too, though a 10 year old one would take them from point A to point B just fine.

I also believe that Nikon,Canon and others have the ability and technology to do some awesome stuff for photography. I contrast that with a belief that auto manufacturers have the ability to eliminate such a heavy dependence on fossil fuels. But they don't... Ever wonder why?

Here is an example of their ability and why they don't want to do anything (Hint: pay attention to the last paragraph).

That said, if you can't get the job done with the tools that are available now; again, just wait a little while longer and the ones you have today will be obsolete tomorrow...

And for what its worth... I still shoot film with a camera or two that are older than anyone on this site

I echo your sentiment. I don't shoot film, but I feel that Nikon has already made a few cameras which can keep me happy for some time. And the kind of quality you can find these days on the used market at rock bottom prices is almost ridiculous. So, from this perspective alone I'm quite happy that Nikon keeps making new stuff and there are hordes of compulsive upgraders who keep dumping their magnificent equipment in great condition for a penny.

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