What is YOUR market like?

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Re: What is YOUR market like?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Yep, so easy to pick up and move a business.

It's darn near starting over.

And moving the kids, the wife needs a new job, grandma moved here for assistance in her old age...so she's gonna have to move to.

yep, hitch up the wagon and be better off in a month that we are now.

I'm sure it works like that.

No, not impossible, but I know what it takes when you're the new, unknown biz in town. It takes a while to build a clientele, wom only happens once you have customers to talk about you.

But you've considered all of this before, even getting to the point of suggesting it to your wife. She, however, apparently holds the family's veto power.

Moving isn't an option (talk to my wife...)



So there is a cost to moving besides the cost of moving itself.

What an odd question to ask. Most people might have wondered if there was an upside to moving that would outweigh the downside (ie, the cost of moving). But most people don't have such a negative, pessimistic attitude.

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