Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

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Re: Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

jaynbay112 wrote:

Ok I guess I wasn't clear but I really appreciate the help! I want the cheapest as possible but still decent. I don't mind old Minoltas and stuff, I'm talking like Beercan, Mini beer can and so on. Also the 50mm f1,7? Can anyone tell me about there experience with Minolta lenses on non film cameras, good , bad, witch ones?

I would like AF...

Hows the sony 50mm F.18?

As the SAL50F18 is a DT lens designed for the APS-C sensor and I would choose it over the MIN50F17.  it's equally as sharp, much lighter with modern optics and coatings and you get full APS-C coverage and not just the centre 66.6% or 75mm focal length @ 1.5x crop factor 35mm equivalent.  As for the F4 BC and F4 mini-BC and you can cover most of this range with a 50-200mm lens or if you must by legacy full frame, a Min 24-105mm (D) for the short-medium zoom range, but there are far better options for similar money in the correct format for APS-C cameras, though you haven't stated what type of togging you're planning to do or have any interest in, so duplicating focal ranges with multiple optics is pointless, albeit with full frame lenses, you won't get the full benefit, and that aside, there are plenty of bad copies of legacy Minolta lenses with fungus, de-laminated front and rear elements, dampened/faulty/oily aperture blades and the list goes on and on.  You need to know what questions to ask and also how to inspect for internal ingress, so be very mindful that you could end up with a collection of lemons.  Those of us who have got the t-shirt could offer guidance, but if this new territory for you, then stick with more modern optics as the chances of getting a duff copy will be much reduced and you don't end up out of pocket or unhappy with the whole thing.

I've posted other replies on this thread, but if you want a 1-2-1, then send me a PM and I'll be happy to explain and talk you through it all so you get the best you can afford and you will no doubt enjoy using the equipment.

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