EM-1 from Korea, UK import duty

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Re: EM-1 from Korea, UK import duty

Jonantony wrote:

Davey1 wrote:

I'm a long time M43 user, considering buying an EM-1 from Ebay.

The best pricing I've found is £680 from 102_store based in South Korea.

This is far cheaper than the UK pricing which is around £1,100 perhaps £1,000 if I really hunt around.

Does anyone have experience of purchasing from Asia shipping into UK and which shipper and what duties were you charged if any?

My only experience was buying a Markins ball head, from Korea - I can't recall the shipper but I was charged duty although it was fairly low and didn't seem to have any relationship with the price paid! I know I should be paying 20% VAT....

Many thanks!

Recently purchased a 12-32mm from Taiwan at £100 less than 'normal' price. It was held up for

3 weeks at Spanish Customs and by the time they'd added IVA (VAT) plus import charges, it worked out no cheaper. In addition they cracked the lens cap when opening the package to 'inspect' it!

Hope this helps.




In my day job we send high power amplifiers around the world, they have very large capacitors in the power supply and we had a service return from Brazil where UK Customs drilled holes in the capacitors - I guess they were looking for contraband. They ruined the electronics and it could have caused a serious accident if our service tech. didn't notice. Needless to say they didn't put any information on the package beyond 'opened for customs inspection' - nice!

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