I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

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Re: I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

Zone8 wrote:

Rossuziers wrote: My main reason for posting this is to ask if the relatively long-in-the-tooth PSE7 will still work in Win7 on an i5? Or do I have to step up to the newer version of PSE that makes use of the quad-core & considerably more memory I'll soon have?

By choice (as it has all I require) I still use PS7 and it works fine on my Win7 Ultimate 64bit desktop.

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I am a rather new user (more of an installer) of Windows 7 Pro and also have (and use) many Freeware programs as well as many Licensed Titles.  So far, there are only two programs that either will not install or that give a "stern" warning to not try to use with Windows 7.  Norton Ghost 2003 that I have used for around 10 years with no issues on XP Pro, the other (some Roxio Title) is also a Licensed program (filed the cd so don't remember the exact name) that I haven't used as a needed program since I have other Titles that are better.

I have not fully tested all installed programs but so far (with the help of Forum Members) most of the transition to use Win7 is going well.  The Titles that I have run as a minor test work without issue -- except a couple that (so far) I have not determined exactly how to use -- such as an Un-Locker program.  I installed MANY programs yesterday and have not tested any of them.  Photoshop 7 (which I prefer to use) works well.  I have an old version 5 of Photoshop Elements installed so to be able to assist selected Family Members that works ok.

I continue to have my normal "Fully Working" XP Pro setup and have installed Win 7 on a new Hard Drive and this allows me the needed Versatility of both XP Pro and Win7 Pro.

I have had more "confusion" with what is indicated as "Security" than any other single item since I am the only user of my Computers, I don't want to go through an extended procedure every time I want to access Drives, Folders, and Files, etc.  This is now all resolved as far as I can determine.

The other issue is with downloading titles seem that so many are (so nice) to also include Malware, Adware, changes to installed items, etc....  This I am having a hard time of accepting, however; this logically has no bearing on installing to use Win7 except the need to download several items, etc.

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