Aspect ratio conundrum

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Re: Samsung 12.1 better than iPad?

Allan Olesen wrote:

Does the iPad Air have IPS screen?

Our iPad 2 (or is it 3? I can't really remember) does.

And in my opinion IPS is much more important than anything else for photo viewing. An IPS screen looks almost the same from any angle. Other screens can almost turn negative when you look at them from above or below.

The Samsung 10.1 2014 (same resolution as the 12.1 but smaller) shows identical colors no matter what the viewing angle, up down left right. Seems like Samsung or their touchscreen LCD supplier has figured out how to produce constant-angle colors without IPS technology.

Lenovo has just released an android tablet with IPS a month or two ago too. I will have to look into that because I am looking for an alternative to the iPad. I really hate that Apple has decided that I must not be allowed to control how photos are transferred to the iPad.

Yes, I don't think I would buy a tablet without microSD slot.

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