Drobo or cloud storage for backup plan?

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Drobo or cloud storage for backup plan?


I'm currently using a couple of Western Digital 4TB USB 3.0 external HDD's (on Super Duper) to automatically backup my iMac. Plus Time Machine. So total of 3 bootable backups.

My 2013 iMac has 4 TB internal HDD+fusion drive.

I have around 130 GB of photos and vids and growing quickly.

I saw a Drobo 5 at MacWorld, and the manufacturers rep said Drobo is much better solution to use as a backup than using separate external HDD's because , in Drobo, data is distributed over the number of user installed internal HHD and it does not matter the size or brand of HDD's installed in Drobo. He said when Drobo identifies when a HDD is about to fail, then Drobo redistributes the data over the remaining good HDD's until a new HDD is installed.


  • Is there a downside to using Drobo as another backup?
  • Not sure if Drobo has the same protection as standard RAID. (?)
  • If I go with a Drobo, how do you suggest I configure it?
  • Use same size and brand size drives?
  • 7200 or other rpm discs?
  • He said attaching a SATA (?) or SSD (?) make Drobo even faster. It is attached underneath the box. I don't understand concept.
  • Can I set up Drobo to run automatically with Super Duper?
  • Do I use Drobo together with my 2 external HDD for extra safety?
  • Reliability of Drobo and support? The product seems expensive.  
  • Is cloud storage better ? Ie : Carbonite, CrashPlan, Backblaze, or other?

Thanks for your feedback, recommendation and advice.

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