What Fuji camera sites/groups do you frequent?

Started Mar 29, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Fuji X-Forum

None. I have better things to do like nurture my customer base, shoot, and hone my PP skills. This forum is enough for me, but only when it's civil and everyone is not trying to one-up each other with their so-called superior technical skills and unsupported, ridiculous assertions.

Speaking of this, go troll the m4/3rd forum sometime. Some have convinced themselves the latest 4/3rds Bayer sensors perform as well as APS-C Fuji X-Trans, which I find humorously deluded. Sometimes one needs a good laugh at the expense of the Fuji-hating crowd haha.

(I should add I still shoot with Olympus 4/3, but only because I need the flash system Fuji lacks for my events, as well as occasional tele reach and action shots. But when I shoot with my E-5 (which is no slouch) and my X-E1 or X100s in the studio, the difference between RAW files and overall IQ and DR from the two sensors/processors is very real. See the pic of Jess below accidentally taken at iso6400 with the Zeiss 32. I challenge ANY m4/3rd shooter to equal that.)

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