70D Multiple exposures

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Re: 70D Multiple exposures

Thanks for the reply tr573.

That helped.

Seems like that only works in when the top left round button is set to M.

So now it looks like it's keeping them separate, but is there a way to have them all fire off with one push of the shutter button?

Also as a general note: If anybody in the Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose area is at least very familiar with all the functions of this camera, I'm will to travel to coffee shop in your area and pay for lessons on this camera. For advanced user who understands especially the bracketing options, I'd be glad to pay up to $50 an hour. I'd assume to it may take 2hrs or more.

Really got to get up to speed without major confusion I'm going through with camera option.


Try meetup.com and look for photography Meetups. It's way better than an hour in a cafe.

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