Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Most people don't know what to do with 24 mp. Among those that do most will not having the equipment to properly manage the files.

My guess is that the camera wold sell to the elite pros and the "more money then brains" poseurs but maybe I am missing something.......

First of all, "most people" also don't participate in this forum; they're not part of this discussion. Most of "most people" are happy with cell phones and entry level DSLRs.

Second, if your opinion of a MF camera that sells for significantly less that any other MF is that it's only for "elite pros and the "more money then brains"", then it sounds like you see no need for medium format at all, ever. I think there are plenty of pro and amateur still life, landscape, portrait, architectural, and artistic photographers that would not agree with you.

When I say 99.99 % I am including this forum.

That is not to say that people cannot convince themselves that they need MF; they can. That doesn't mean that they really need it or know what to do with it.

Tell me which oeuvre has been presented in this forum that, in your opinion, would be qualitatively improved by the acquisition of a medium format system?

The answer is, wait for it, none.

With thousands are the world's best photographers establishing international reputations with 35mm cameras it is easy to see that medium format is a specialty system that is utilized in specialized professional applications. The cost, incidently, is written off as a business expense.

Put another way - How many people here have photographic needs that transcend the capabilities of the D800E ?

How many people would find a 991 GT3 too slow?

Again; a rarefied elite or people who are looking for some fancy (er) toys.

Note that I don't think buying expensive toys makes someone a bad person. It is your money and how you spend it is your business.

I just don't think it is good to fool yourself into spending money on depreciating assists when you don't need them.

I think you are confusing the issue here.

No one has stated they needed one as their skill outclasses what's already out there, no one (as far as I can recall) has stated that they needed on to improve their photography, no one as I can recall either has even stated that their current devices are not enough.

I, and I presume others similar to me participating in this thread, just want one.

I am not denying anything you stated but I think you fail to realise that I (I'm not going to speak for others now) know that I am not a great photographer, I am well aware that my current level of skill will not even be able to max out my X-E1 let alone a high-MP MF but just want one because I can, because its fun and because.. well, just because.

Whether I can afford it or not depends on my disposable income. If I have a good job, stable home, family and my future sorted - why can't I add a potential Sony MF to my already existing X-E1, X-T1, RX1 and A7R camera collection?

Clearly people have the right to be happy and if buying these cameras brings you pleasure then by all means "have at it".

This freedom is one of the great things about {Insert your favorite country here}.

But if you think you are not all the photographer you could be why not pump the dough into courses that allow you to become a Jedi Master of composition and post-processing ?

That would expose you to the real joy of having your creativity admired by your photographic peers.

The other problem is that none of these cameras are collectibles or at least not good collectibles.

If you have the (hard-earned) money why not spend on items that will become more valuable over your lifetime.  I have collected early American prints and English die cast cars since I was a boy.  Little cars that I bought for $5 are now $1200.  I have prints that have increased in value ten-fold.  I have an old air-cooled 911 that I bought for a relative song is now going for over 100K.

In other words buy things that contribute to your estate.  Things that have real value that you can pass to your children and they to there's.

None of our cameras are going to grow in value; in fact they will depreciate heavily.  It remains to be seen whether even old lenses hold their value given the new form factors.

I guess I see cameras as a means to an end but not an end in and of themselves.

All that said; life is short; enjoy it on your own terms.

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