Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Not deserved, IMHO

TOF guy wrote:

The fact is that Nikon took a very long time to recognize the D600 dust / oil problem. It is troubling that the 2 useful statements that Nikon has made regarding the D600 defect coincide :

  • The first with threats of class action suits
  • The 2nd after a protest by China's media and officials

It would be easier to believe that Nikon's recent statements are in good faith, and not a reaction to the above, if Nikon also came clean on the early D800 with miscalibrated AF. The D600 sells more than the D800 because of price. Also only D800's made in the first months of production were affected. Therefore the D800 issue has made much less noise recently than the D600 problems. Nonetheless Nikon - if truly sincere in its concern for its customers - should do the right thing for early D800 adopters:

  • recognize that many cameras may have been affected
  • offer to repair the cameras which are past warranty,
  • offer to replace the cameras if the AF cannot be calibrated properly

Right now it looks like Nikon just hopes everybody has forgotten about the D800 AF problems and has no qualms letting the early D800 adopters down. Let's hope that the recent announcements reflect a true concern for customers and Nikon is on a new path. But for the time being a "thank you" is premature, I think.

Lesson: Never be an early adopter of a new Nikon camera.

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