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Re: Can you tell them apart? X-Trans and GX7 shots (and others)...

Cogset wrote:

While I agree overall, asking a group to look at a pile of photos that are all downsized and Post processed, is a waste of everyone's time. I mean, if there is any truth to the "fuji colors" concept, it has no chance of being shown in this case. And any sharpness advantages at 2048 pixels (e.g a 5x7 print) are not going to be apparent (or could easily be removed with a galmour glow filter). So my advice to True Believers is to wait for a better test.

But really nice photos for sure and I think you are right about sensors these days, they are all getting to the point where we don't need to talk about them so much .

THAT was my only point. I wasn't trying to present this as any sort of a formal test. Only that if people were going to make what I considered to be outlandish claims about the vast superiority of one sensor over another, that it should be easy to pick them out even in such relatively non-challenging photographs. That it so rarely made any difference to the final product shows that it doesn't matter much.

I do think DR is important and my D800 shows me why on occasion. Fuji has made the decision to make great glass and they have the Fujinon division to deliver, all in a great compact bodies. Their Post Processing (e.g jpeg conversions) are great, but for RAW shooters, it's more about what you do in Post that matters and any "fuji colors" are long replaced by the post processor's decisions.

Agree completely. The quality of the raw files is the one thing I marginally regret about selling my RX1 - there was nothing I couldn't pull out of those with that camera's great DR (which I'd imagine still trails the D800). I do sometimes find the limits of a Fuji or Olympus raw file, although too rarely to worry about it. I too love Fuji jpegs but I still generally shoot raw because I do have my own processing preferences and, while Fuji jpegs hold up under processing better than most, I've seen some really ugly things start happening to them when they're bent just a little too far.

And, finally, yes, Fuji makes wonderful glass. Although there are specific lenses from other systems that I'd hold up at least as high, on balance Fuji makes more consistently great lenses at relatively reasonable prices than almost anyone out there. I loved the original 18 (despite its imperfections) and 35, and the 14 and 23 I also have now take it to a new level as I expect the 56 does as well. The Zeiss 35 in the RX1 is probably the nicest lens I've ever shot with and, while the Fuji 23 is not quite as good as that, it's actually close enough to keep me from missing that Zeiss! I'm not terribly concerned with zooms and teles (I'm sticking with m43 for those). Fuji's prime lenses are the primary reason it's my system of choice, with the camera bodies having their own charms and the sensor good enough to hold it's own among the many great sensors in cameras today.

I was merely trying to make the point that the X-trans is NOT the second coming of any deity!

We judge photographers by the photographs we see. We judge cameras by the photographs we miss - Haim Zamir

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