HELP !! .. how to get rid of help.vbs file

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HELP !! .. how to get rid of help.vbs file

This is REALLY frustrating.. about a week ago I started getting a very odd reaction..   but I should first mention that literally "for ever" .. I have THREE external USB drives permanently plugged into my computer and work at every startup and all the time. These carry my regular files for such as ALL pics, all d/loads for subsequent installation ..anything in fact which is a 'store' item and not a running computer item..although in fact at least a few of my regular programs (utilities kind mostly) do run from one of the externals. But these give absolutely no trouble at all I have had AVIRA Premium on for some years..also use as a permanent 'on' feature, SuperAntiSpyware Pro..and between these two (mostly AVIRA)   I've been kept quite OK for quite a long time. I also occasionally (not often) run one or other Anti-type prog if I feel like giving it a try.. so I've been well enough covered I think, and it's proved itself really by lack of problems for quite awhile. By the way I'm still running XP Pro on my regular Sony laptop and find it absolutely fine for my purpose

BUT .. round about one week ago now I started  getting a quite odd antic.. I've been doing some Slideshow programs relating to my Grand-daughter's Wedding and have done all those fine - with Proshow - but in the process I've had the need to copy various little things from my main computer to another one .. this has been done via a little Sandisk thumb drive I keep by me (one of a few) for infrequent transfers of this kind.  After a day or two , I was doing one or more similar little transfers via the thumb-drive and then I noticed that whilst the Sandisk was in view via my open WinExplorer (well I've used for awhile now a better program called Explorer++) ..the relevant open folders I was transfering files to/from were on view.and ON THE SANDISK.. every file that was on it or was being transferred to it...was getting made..IN ADDITION to the actual file... another one..same name exactly..but as a .lnk file... and this is happening all the time now. If I make a transfer or a copy from the computer to any external USB thumb drive ..the file(s) copied..ARE copied OK but I also get an additional .lnk file !!
Happening on an external drive to which a copy is made, I started worrying how my main three external USB drives would be affected...but NOTHING is happening on those.  Via such as WinExplorer I can make copies or transfer any files I want, to another location or to another main USB drive..and nothing seems to happen...but with the thumb-drive (and I've tried using two or three different ones) soon as I transfer a file to those..the extra .lnk file appears.

I've run full Scans with AVIRA and following a recommend by Brian (Zone8) I d/loaded the free iOBIT program and have scanned with this. The trouble is that most of these programs scan with the apparent idea in mind as to how your computer SHOULD be to THEIR ideas..I've learned long ago that many of such progs have their own ideas as to what's right or wrong..and I've proved in several instances that something THEY think is wrong, is in fact just MY own usage of my computer..maybe some prog or other uses a file itself which another program thinks wrong.. so it deletes it !!..THEN I've had toi re-instate it for MY I'm wary of such things..but the point is that none of these 'Anti' progs seem to have found any thing which creates the above situation.
I did get a clue as to what is causing it..a file named 'help.vbs' has appeared in my  relevant Admin sub-folder of Docs&Settings in the Startup sub-folder..and every time I try to remove just recreates itself again..I'm SURE this is the trouble.  I've done a startup in Safe Mode..deleted it.. but on restart of Windows it's appeared again..Done a second Boot in Safe Mode with DOS Command..deleted it that way again..same thing.. as soon as I start Windows normally it's back again.
I've even tried opening it (as it's a Script file it opens of course with the text prog Edit+ which I use as far better than Notepad) ..put a whole load of semi-colons in front of the long list of entries..makes no difference..the file is recreated again as soon as Windows SOMETHING in Windows (or C: folder) is controlling it but as yet I cannot find anything to track it....

Does ANYBODY know of this .. I repeat.. so far, it doesn't (oddly) seem to react to ANY copying I do on the computer or even (as yet) on any copying to/from any of my 3 permanently plugged-in main USB externals...only shows when I plug in a thumb-drive (I wonder if the much smaller size is making it show on a little thumb-drive that much quicker ???..I must re-check that... )  but any sort of help will be appreciated..I'm just about at my wits end here...

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