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Re: Can you tell them apart? X-Trans and GX7 shots (and others)...

Ray Sachs wrote:

Here are a bunch of shots taken with a variety of cameras, including X-Trans, m43 (both GX7 and 1 or 2 EM1 shots because I didn't have the GX7 all that long), other APS, full frame, and even some from a small sensor camera. The exif is stripped out, the aspect ratios are applied randomly, and all images are uploaded with a long edge of 2048 pixels, small enough so that this doesn't come down to extreme pixel peeping, but large enough to fill a 27" monitor and to see any really notable differences in quality. And these are real world examples of how I shot 'em (all raw) and how I processed them for my taste. Your taste may be different - that's fine, but that shouldn't keep you from calling out the obvious superiority of the X-trans files and inferiority of the m43 files...

So pick 'em as you see 'em. And if you true believers get enough of 'em right, MAYBE I'll start taking your pronouncements of superiority seriously.

I should also say that I don't doubt for a MINUTE that you (and I) may bond with Fuji cameras in a way we find particularly appealing and we just qualitatively like the images they produce. I do - I've been on the Fuji bandwagon with only minor interruptions since the first batch of X100 shipments hit North American shores in early 2011. I just don't believe, based on EXTENSIVE experience, that the technical image quality from the X-Trans sensor is head and shoulders above anything else, as some of you seem to believe. I find it right mid-pack actually, which in today's environment is a VERY VERY GOOD PLACE to be!!! It's the lenses and the feel of the cameras that make me a Fuji loyalist - I love their primes and the shooting experience. X-trans doesn't really hurt or help in my case.

So, call 'em as you see 'em:

While I agree overall, asking a group to look at a pile of photos that are all downsized and Post processed, is a waste of everyone's time. I mean, if there is any truth to the "fuji colors" concept, it has no chance of being shown in this case. And any sharpness advantages at 2048 pixels (e.g a 5x7 print) are not going to be apparent (or could easily be removed with a galmour glow filter). So my advice to True Believers is to wait for a better test.

But really nice photos for sure and I think you are right about sensors these days, they are all getting to the point where we don't need to talk about them so much .  I do think DR is important and my D800 shows me why on occasion.  Fuji has made the decision to make great glass and they have the Fujinon division to deliver, all in a great compact bodies. Their Post Processing (e.g jpeg conversions) are great, but for RAW shooters, it's more about what you do in Post that matters and any "fuji colors" are long replaced by the post processor's decisions.

Here's an interesting pet photographer who uses Canon FF DSLR and also an X-M1 and an X20 in some cases.  http://500px.com/Wieselblitz

For the most part, you can tell the Canon shots (simply because that's what she uses in studio) but there a few surprises.  As a viewer of these images, you can't tell which ones are Fuji's for the most part, which goes to your point.

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