Thank you Nikon!

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I am an old customer and I do not thank them this time.

My first Nikon is F90 film (not the same but similar name in North America market). It's solid built, much better than the toy like Canon at that time, well, more than 25 years ago !!

I am still using a D3s and a D7100.

If Nikon had admitted their fault earlier and made remedies, they were brave and responsible.

Now they offer replenishment ONLY after powerful actions in the US and in China, they are just coward who can do nothing but forced to do the right thing at last. Well, that's too late for many  but frankly, I am not going to lose my faith on Nikon products, but their action this time make me consider more before I jump onto buying a D4s to replace my D3s.

From now on (and I suggest you too), I'll definitely wait till potential problems arise before I become the first batch of guinea pigs to buy new Nikons (and other brands of course) -- I was the first batch who ordered a D3s in Hong Kong.

Don't get me wrong, I am satisfied with my D3s still but I would be more careful and reserved in front of the propaganda.

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