D800 photo counter 1/2 off

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Re: D800 photo counter 1/2 off

Dom1 wrote:

I just recently bought a D800 after playing around with a D7000 for a year. For now I am using my 16GB SD cards until I buy fast CF cards for it.

Each photo is roughly 40MB in NEF format and 32MB in DNG. The photo counter on the D800 shows I can only take 200 photos with my 16GB SD cards.

40MB * 200 photos = 8GB.

My math tells me I should fit 400 photos on a 16GB card.


OK, so what is the problem? If Nikon would calculate in a different way and they would promise 357 images for your 16GB card and you would only be able to take 278 images would you start nagging because you missed 79 images? Come on, read the manual. The numbers are estimated. That's all. It is not easy for Nikon to guess what type of images you are going to take, and your 40MB per image is REALLY optimistic, I am almost never below 50MB, shooting lossless compressed 14-bit raw.

Besides, DNG is irrelevant, it is a crappy compression and you lose data when use it. Get a bigger hard drive if you have space problems, get a larger card if you worry about the number of images not being enough for you. Both solutions are really dirt cheap, so I don't see what the problem is.

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