got the 12-35, should I change my pana 25mm for oly 75mm?

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got the 12-35, should I change my pana 25mm for oly 75mm?

Hi there,
I've finally received my brand new panasonic 12-35mm, that is a great lens mounted on my G6.

I recently narrowed down my kit of lenses to just be the 12-35 and the 25mm.

The 12-35 is going to be my walk around lens.
I'm not after extreme portability, if I'm lazy I'll just bring my iphone, if I want to carry my camera it is to have great quality and usability.

The problem is that I am kind of short on the focal length.
and while I absolutely love my 25mm, It might be sensible to change it for a better lens to use for portrait or when I need just some more reach.

I have being considering to add the oly 45mm because is so cheap and has great quality, but it does not give me a lot more reach.

I've also considered the sigma 60mm DN, that is extremely cheap while having great quality, but the f2.8 max aperture will just not give me the subject isolation I love to have.

The same limit also apply to the panasonic 35-100, that requires a lot more money, for something I'm not going to use that often in the close future.

But then there is the olympus 75mm and I do love almost any single shot I've seen done with it. It is a great lens, and by selling my 25mm I could finance more than 50% of it.

The only drawback I see with it is the use indoor. I live in the UK, rooms are quite small here. Is it a lens that can be used for indoor portrait at max 2m from the subject?

The other "problem" would be that the lens is not stabilised, but I've got the G6 at the moment, I could change the body in the future easily, I will not change the 75mm easily.

Any comment or pics form owners would be very helpful.

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