Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: Minolta 50s and the A7

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I'll be sure to post some examples.

There was an ad for the 58 1.4 on ebay where the seller was saying this was the legendary bokeh lens. I thought that was the 58 1.2 How do you find the 58 1.4? Does it compare with the 58 1.2?


The 58 1.4 is a really nice lens and has really nice swirly bokeh. Both the 58 1.4 and the 58 1.2 could be purchased as kit lenses for the SRT-101 and neither was cheap on it's own. Easypix.de has a bunch of old Minolta price guides.

1970 List

In 1970, the 58mm 1.2 cost $180 while the 58 1.4 was $125. I did an adjustment to 2014 dollars and came up with the following:

58 1.2 in 2014 dollars - $1,089.19

58 1.4 in 2014 dollars - $756.38

Obviously while price isn't everything, it shows you that these were both premium lenses.  The 58 1.2 costs so much now because you don't see a lot of 1.2 lenses.  1.4 lenses are far more common, and the 58 1.4 is a really nice one.   I love the way pics looks wide open.

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