Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Well, maybe earlier action would have been more appropriate

F2AS, F3, FE2,  F5, D2x, D90, D3 and  D600. All of these have been "state of the art" tools for me during their time and all have been reliable. I have no complaints. Even w/ my D600. I clean the sensor  regularly even w/ the d3 and d2x anyway. So, no big deal for me. In fact, of all  the digital nikon bodies I have bought, by far, the best  in terms of value for money is the d600. Great IQ, reasonable build and responsiveness at a bargain price. My favs are the F2AS, F5 and D3.

I also had the Olympus OM 2 & OM 4 plus lenses & flash units. A whole system. Talk about being left out in the cold. Olympus just stopped making & supporting their pro line then. Really felt betrayed. Never bought an Olympus again. Besides, my OM2 & 4 were long dead before my dad's F2AS finally stopped working. Talk about durability.

I don't know if I should thank Nikon but I sure am glad that they are still there to produce tools like those that have worked so well for me before.

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