Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: wasn't impressed

forpetessake wrote:

kenetik wrote:

I did my own quick and dirty with the Rokkor 1.4 @ f2, handheld on my kitchen counter. I would agree the sample above is not representative and suffers from either missed focus, a haze on the elements, poor lighting or some combination of these factors.

Minolta Rokkor X 50mm 1.4 @f2

Had you shot closer you would have had even better picture. Did you notice that I posted 100% crop? Yours is probably 2x bigger.

Actually I was at minimum focal distance so it wouldn't have looked better.  So I went into my poorly lit kitchen again, propped a $20 against the microwave and moved back until my crop looked about the same size as yours (of course if you were using APS-C, you were closer than I was).  Below is your comparison and my crop which still has more detail than yours handheld.  I stand by the assertion you probably missed focus.

Your comparison

Mine with a little more face.  Rokkor-X 50 1.4 @f2

I'm not asserting this is a better lens than the SEL, just that it didn't get a fair shake in your tests.

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