Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

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Re: Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

jaynbay112 wrote:

I'm snooping around for Cameras and the A65 seems like a strong candidate. I was wondering what lenses to purchase if I were to buy the A65. I would like any suggestions all focal lengths, whatever. (However I do like street photog). Am i better off with a minolta? All recommendations are welcome!

You would be better served to go for the A77 over the A65. as far as lenses go , if you are going to do any video, then you want to stay away from old Minolta lenses with screw drive autofocus because they make too much noise and passively make their noise noticeable on any video you will shoot.

the ideal combo would be the water resistant Sony A77 with the water resistant 16-50 2.8 from Sony.

Its a great start to years of photographic enjoyment. Don't buy cheap lenses... they will collect dust.

I would rather have 1 good lens than 5 or 6 fair lenses. Do enough research to buy quality lenses. Ask questions and do the research before you make a decision, don't come here after the fact and tell people what you did. This place is a great resource but we cant help you if you make the wrong decision. maybe wrong is the wrong word.. I should have said an uneducated decision would not be in your best interest.

Budget is a big concern but most people try to buy the low end of their budget instead of trying to buy a best they can get even if it means just getting one thing now and saving for the next great thing. too many people buy cheap first just to have a lens, or build a collection of fair lenses and brag  that they have 26 lenses, but in fact many have 26 very fair lenses. that one or two good lenses would replace easily and be cheaper over all. that's why I always say "I cant afford to buy anything too cheap " it cost you more money in the long run. You buy cheap, you become unhappy with it quickly then sell it at a loss and buy what you should have bought in the first place.

Good Luck


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