Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

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Re: Which lens to purchase for Sony A65?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

"Am i better off with a minolta"

The only advantage of the old minolta lenses is price.

Newer designs tend to be lighter than the older ones, with same performance or better.

I use mostly Sony 18135 and Sony 16-50 f/2.8. Very good lenses. Fast focusing and good image quality.

This is very true. I've tried a few Minolta lens and I have stuck with the more modern designs. They are heavy (as they are full frame) and generally built like tanks. However, when you're walking around with them all day it gets a little much.

I also found the Minolta lens focal ranges didn't work so well for me as they were full frame sized and not crop sized.

However, the 28-85mm one that I kept for the longest did produce some lovely bokeh with a real dreaminess to it.

In reality the FL was all wrong for day to day and I couldn't get wide enough.

The 18-135 on the other hand was all I had mounted when I went the Vatican museum and it was great - even in really low light:

30mm, 1/40th, F4, ISO3200 very very low light to protect the tapestries.

100mm, 1/160th, f5.6, ISO3200

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