I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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Hmm .. Engineering vs Marketing, Want vs Need

Well .. there's nothing wrong about inking what you need, but seriously what's wanted does not equate what's needed, and in Engineering term there's always these dream machine , but dream machines are usually love / passion driven , and less of an engineered product or solution.

So you want the camera modular, how modular are we talking, should the EVF be optional, so why not the sensor part ( perfectly doable, if Medium format can do that, so too can the smaller format ) how about the mount .. let say the storage ( Video and Cine equipment had long had external recorder ), processing ( should it have modular upgradable processor just like many of our desktop PC ) .. the beauty and the advantage of a small system is its ability to be small ( as one of your requirement goes ) and making it modular is asking it to be well, the other way round shall we say .. Take a look at the Em-10 and now take a look at the E-P5 with external EVF added ...

Dials and knots .. how many. and in what fashion ... todays digital platform had so many parameters that ifwe are to give them dedicated knobs, dials for all we need a control panel the size of a studio audio mixer

I can go on and on and on but I think I've made the point. All equipment envisioned or made are ultimately a compromise of feature / performance / build / cost and yes style also and technical / engineering constraints. Oh and of course marketing influence too. After all these are business, they have to sell .. and sell enough

Shall I direct you to take a look at the old Rollei 3003

Rollei 3003

This perfectly align with yours ( of course its a SLR and of course its not digital ), so to speak .. I guess you have to consider this, you can continue with your lust , or you can simply go find something OK and just go out and shoot some photos and shall I add, most of todays are already well and above just being OK

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