Minolta 50s and the A7

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forpetessake wrote:

I've had a dozen of different old ~50mm lenses, including several Minoltas. They are cheap and widely available, so it doesn't take much to build a big collection. Some samples are here . I got rid of most of them, still have Minolta 50/1.7 and 45/2 -- they are too cheap to bother selling them, and keeping Canon FD 50/1.4 for sentimental value, and it's probably the best of any other old 50mm lens. Still, the Sony 50/1.8 was noticeably better than any of those. Here is a comparison with Rokkor 50/1.4

I also tried some of them on A7 and thought they were better on FF, still too soft wide open, bad corners, too severe halation and CA -- they were actually worse on FF than SEL 50/1.8 on a NEX

Pre-digital lenses have their downsides in a digital age, but I like the way these lenses render, and I love being able to experiment with stuff like a 1.2 focal plane. .  I  understand you don't like legacy 50mm lenses, but what is your FF alternative?  The Zeiss 55 at $1000?  That one got super high marks for sharpness at DXO.   I am glad Sony is making such high quality glass for FE,  but honestly for $1000 it better be good.

If sharpness and lack of CA are the only measures of a lens, we should all be saving for the best zeiss has to offer, and when I take a portrait of my girlfriend and it renders every blemish and flaw on her face I can apply the Nik skin softening filter liberally to keep from being thrown out.

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