A7 Video With APS-C Lens Question

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Re: A7 Video With APS-C Lens Question

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Can I use the same lenses that I've been using with my NEX-6? Is so, will I be able to shoot in 1080p? I assume that the lenses will have the same effective focal length as with the NEX-6.I

I now have the A7 and using an external microphone is a breeze. Regarding using the camera in crop mode for video.... I just ran a trial using my 70-210mm from my NEX cameras and it sure seemed to provide good, clear 1080p/60fps. So, I plan on using this lens/camera for shooting my daughter's soccer games. I just saved $1500.00. No need to rush out and buy the FE 70-200mm. I should add that I was using the most recent firmware.

i'm not sure what your background in video is, so i'll comment as if you are new to videography.

soccer moves all over the field, so ideally you'd have a lens that holds focus throughout the zoom range... it's easy to test for that, even inside a house... just zoom all the way into something, set focus manually, zoom out, and use magnify to see if things are still in focus.

without that capability, you'll have to rely on autofocus mode 100% of the time... i would test that capability as well.

what may hurt the quality of the video the most, tho, is the lack of a motorized zoom... you'll have to be zooming manually, which could take some practice.

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I'm not a video professional, but I've produced a lot of soccer videos of good enough quality.  I've not had focus drift, or rolling shutter issues with my setup.  I do have to use a separate shaded monitor and and a well damped video head.  Also, I use the lowest sharpness, color and contrast settings and bring things back in post.  I've found that my main issues are with sound and Vimeo video compression.  The sound was fine as long as I was using an external microphone on my NEX-7, but the NEX-7 constantly overheated.  The NEX-6 would run for 30 minutes in the summer sun, but I couldn't plug in my microphone and syncing a separate digital recorder was a pain.  I just needed to quiet the wind noise, but didn't need the extra quality provided by the digital recorder.  The A7, hopefully won't overheat and will take the external microphone.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the results from my old 70-210mm lens.

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