How do you feel about this ? (long)

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How do you feel about this ? (long)

Alright, so I went to this place, which is a designated open space / park area. Costs $5 to park. So their are gates every so often, and land sectioned by barbed wire, of course, to keep cows in, and separated.

I'm about a mile from my car, and come to the 3rd gate, and their are like 12 cows all up in the corner. So I just kind of said, Ya Ya... they moved out of the way, I went through. All was fine.

Didn't really go that much farther and that rail runs out, so I start back. Of course now, they are all in this corner where the gate is, but I'm on their side. So I give them fair notice, and the smaller ones start getting out of the way. Then, out of the blue, the biggest one, a female at that, puts her head down and starts charging straight at me ! > I'm standing their with a water bottle in one hand, and my 7D + 400 5.6 in the other ! So at the last second, I spin out of the way, and avoid the cow, but on uneven ground, I ended up going down. Didn't drop my camera, per say. My hand stayed in the grip, but the lip of my shroud hit the ground hard enough to slightly warp it.

The painful part of this story is, I probably ended up in a goofy position, but for obvious reasons, I wanted to get up, and GTFO of Dodge, instantly, and with the adrenalin pumping, I succeeded in pulling the $#!+ out of my right ham muscle.

The cow is now off about 30ft away, I'm rubbing my burning ham muscle, and checking to see if my camera still works, and that freaking mad cow b%&*& starts charging at me again !

Adrenalin round #2 kicks in, and I start running... this time she literally head butted me, but some how, with me running as fast as I could with my 7D {with grip} and 400 5.6 , in my right hand, but it was like I pulled her punch, she just kind of sped me up, and miraculously, I stayed on my feet ! I quickly drug myself to the gate, and got through it.

So now I'm like, okay. I think I'm safe... no wait, I think their were cows by the first gate too ? No really ?

But that was not the issue. I was the better part of a mile away from my car, and I took about 3 steps, and nope. That ain't gonna' work. After hobbling around on it for a few minutes, I found that I could walk without using my ham muscle, but only in reverse So I end up walking freaking backwards, the entire way, and even so, every time I turn to see where I was going, or move just slightly wrong > instant fire !

Alright, so I don't have any medical. As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of getting medical right now. But it didn't bruise. No sharp pains in one spot, like a tear. Just sore as %$%.

So it's been 6 days today. I did work all week, much of it on my feet. And I managed. It's funny to me how little we use our ham muscles, in comparison to our thighs. But even so, probably about 50 X's every day, I've used that muscle for some kind of twist or squat, and it instantly reminded me that it was not healed.

Still, I'm an otherwise pretty healthy, fit guy. I think I will be all good in another week or two.....

And in case anyone was thinking about it;

1) I've never sued anyone in my life.

2) I love outdoor nature preserves. And frequent them all the time ! The last thing I'd want to do would be to bring a lawsuit on the place like this, and next it gets closed down


On the other hand, I intend to talk with the Ranger in charge of this area tomorrow, in person. I am going to demand, that they post some sort of notice, or disclaimer, telling people that these cows may become aggressive, and should be given X # of feet of clearance, or something to that effect.

Of course then what if they are blocking a gate ? Are we supposed to walk down 100ft and climb the barbed wire fence ? ... how about with grandma and the kids ?

This ^ is a problem to me. Or should I say, a bad situation waiting to happen !

Your thoughts ?

Thanks for reading,


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