Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: Minolta 50s and the A7

kenetik wrote:

I guess the 40 1.8 would be a Konica, nice lens based on output I have seen. I don't have any AR lenses. I have the Mino 35 1.8 and the Mino 35 2.8 Celtic which is actualy pretty nice. As for zooms, try the 35-70 3.5 (macro if you can get one). Not as long as the 35-105, but the design was used by Leica for the R mount, and it's wicked sharp.

I had the Rokkor 35-70/3.5. It's not a bad lens. Needs to be stopped down to at least f/5.6, it's soft wide open. It also suffers from OOF CA and flare. Modern lenses are quite a bit better, but it's fun to play with the old glass.

Minolta Rokkor-X 35-70/3.5

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