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Imagine how much good will nikon could have had if they did this straight up at first sign they knew they had a problem instead of their strange double talk at the beginning. This is another case of a company not facing the music and hoping the problem would go away, they never do


This has been my position throughout this episode. You can make excuses for Nikon all day long but just look at what they're doing now - maybe the shutter manufacturer has taken a hit on the replacements, but Nikon's service centers have to bear the brunt of the handling and repair of who knows how many units.

Look, no one is going to run a charity bazaar on behalf of Nikon, they've been around for about a century and many photographers believe their products are the cream of the crop, myself included. And I do understand that today's digital devices are a lot more complicated and intricate than film bodies from the past, being subject to many more variables that can and do go wrong.

Nikon has survived depressions, recessions, Yen-devaluations, market collapses and tsunamis, but I sincerely hope that the D600 and D800 issues are a loud-and-clear wakeup call to pay attention to their customers' feedback and, more importantly, the quality controls implemented in the design and construction of each body. Possible? Yes. Probable? Maybe.

I think they were in too deep too far into it. The design they settled on for the shutters and the stockpile of shutters in the manufacturing pipeline was a huge liability and they knew that x% of folks wouldn't care or even notice. I think this new design offered them something and they had plans to use this same maker/design for many other cameras going forward.

There is / was no way to fix the D600. It's like the old 1987 Mercedes Turbo Diesels - lifetime trap oxidizer motor warranty. I doubt the D600 or Df are much different - I think it's an endemic design for a big number of their cameras and they will just have to do damage control now.

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