Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

Alex Notpro wrote:

The mechanical flapping mirror seems to have reached its physical limit around 11 fps, with barely an improvement over previous generation cameras.

Now that Nikon V3 has 20 fps continuous focus, will Nikon pro customers start demanding "a full-frame version of the V3"? And will Nikon listen? Why force customers into a tiny sensor to get higher fps?

Sony has already prototyped full-frame mirrorless in the consumer grade (aka "beta-tester") A7/A7R. Everyone knows Sony and Nikon have a cozy relationship. Will they license the technology?

Flanking from the high-end would seem like a safe way for Nikon to introduce large-sensor mirrorless without cannibalizing DSLR sales. A mirrorless D5 with 20 fps C-AF capability could sell even higher than the D4 with its measly 11 fps.

The Nikon F2H could actually go 14FPS back in the days of film so let's postulate that the the 11FPS "limit" is elsewhere.

Film is 24fps and video 30fps. If I'm a working pro who needs a D4 (or for the sake of argument D5 durability) and my client needs still image sequences approaching video, why wouldn't I just shoot video? Pro photographers tend to have CLIENTS who pay for services. Clients interested in video actually want video. Could Nikon come out with some sort of hybrid viewfinder similar to the Fuji X100 that gives one the option of seeing the live view -- currently available through the rear screen -- in the viewfinder? Sure.

Will the take the same steps as Sony -- which is in the process of orphaning its A-mount lens system -- and launch a new lens system a la the Sony A7 and 7R? I hope not.

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