Relation between dust and aperture setting

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Re: Relation between dust and aperture setting

SushiEater wrote:

Do you see harsh shadows? And she is sitting few inches from the wall.

This is why.

I think this thread has played out now and there's a general consensus for the explanation, but I hope you understand that the effect you see here with this flash reflector is that you've taken a small lightsource and made it a lot larger.  Since light is now coming to the subject from everywhere on the reflector rather than just from the single point source of the flash, you get light rays coming to the subject from a variety of angles and that is what softens the shadow significantly.  There is reflecting of light off the reflector, but no bending of light once it's in the air.  Just like a large studio softbox, it is the larger apparent size of the light source (the reflector in this case) that gives you nice soft shadows (sometimes so soft you can't even really notice them). It is indeed a wonderfully helpful effect.

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