I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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Re: Nice ramble, here is where we differ

jalywol wrote:

onlooker wrote: Camera size should be larger than prevalent today but with low weight (see above about more plastic). However, I agree completely on smaller screens. Make the screen smaller and thus provide a more comfortable grip (again, ergonomics).

Ha.....wait til you hit 50. I used to happily use the 1.8" screens on my original digicams. Now I can't see them at all, and I need readers to be able to hold the 3" screens close enough to see any detail.

I'm way past it. It does not make any difference to me now if it's 1.8" or 3".

EVFs do solve that problem though....maybe you should just have a camera with an EVF only?

Yep, EVF is a must. Hybrid viewfinder like X100s would be even better when the implementation improves and important information is permanently displayed with appropriate correction for paralax along with good manual focus assist without switching to EVF mode. No such animal yet, so I will settle for an EVF.

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