Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Re: A great marketing line - but believe it all?

Greg A A wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

I know "never will a real photographer use an EVF" never will they use Autofocus, never will they go 100% digital and leave film etc.

What a joke... pure marketing hyperbole. This is a good example of using a logical fallacy to discredit another person in a debate. There is no basis in associating people that don't like EVFs to curmudgeons that that dislike digital or those wouldn't use autofocus. Many people that like DSLRs like good flexible fast autofocus systems. While the Sony claims leading AF speed this is yet to be proven and hardly the most important aspect for most users of a A6000 or D5300.

Total lack of historical perspective.. WOW... When Minolta introduce AF that was the argument for film SLRs you seriously didn't think I was talking about DSLRs I hope.. There are those that always change slower when there is a major shift. OVF is probably the oldest piece of technology left on the camera. Shutters have changes from cloth to metal leaf, we have gone from Film to Digital and through it all has been the slappy mirror and the OVF.

So of course there will be resistance.. I resisted it for two years.. missed out shooting an amazing camera so I can see bot sides.. An assumption that YOU are somehow unable to adopt AF or Digital in a 2014 discussion is your own assumption..

2) Sony is doing restructuring.. Junk is an investment term.. has to do with return

Incomplete explaination - junk status has to do with the risk associated with loaning a company money, in other words the risk of not getting all of your money back when you lend it to them. yes sort of the difference between investing in IBM stock in 1990 and Apple Stock in 1990s

.. not with company viability.. Some of the same articles listed status as Stable.. just not investment grade at the institutional level. Part of this restructuring is more emphasis on the imaging business.

A junk bond is a high yield bond due to it's high risk. Junk bonds are often bundled and purchased by institutional investors, but sometimes one pays the price when the risk doesn't pan out. With just released news that Japan's industrial output tumbled 2.3% in February from January I wouldn't be making any bets on a junk bond in Japan (but that's just me, consult your investment adviser before making any investments).

Kudos on your marketing savy, of course that's your job. Seeing you in action I am very cautious about believing everything you say. Good marketing mixes enough facts in with other questionable rhetoric and FUD (fear, doubt and uncertainty) to convince others of their point. You may be very good at marketing, but that doesn't mean we should take your pitch hook line and sinker.

That was about discrediting someone.. There is plenty marketing and personal POV in your post too..

Why not just read it for real

"The stable outlook is based on our expectations that the company's overall credit profile will slowly improve. Operating margins are expected to remain in the 0.5% -1.0% range for the next 12 months. Adjusted Debt to EBITDA will decline over time but remain above 4.5x. "

As you read this.. realize Sony has already moved to sell off the PCs and Spin off the TVs (to make it easier to partner etc)

There are problems in the industry.. This next quote alone might be used to scare people off choosing a camera

"The company posted a 41 percent drop in operating profit to 21.9 billion yen ($222 million) for the six months ended September, saying overseas demand for pricy single-lens reflex models had remained depressed."

Pretty bad.. and only last fall and Nikon...

In this day find it fascinating that users of good Nikon and Canon gear and it is good gear.. are so unable to create affirmative endorsements for said professional gear that they end up trying to trash another company with tangential and often transient financial arguments or pedantic arguments about lens counts. Meaning "My brand has more lenses than yours" is easy.. talking about what is not possible in another lens set up is bad. Because even on Nikon and Canon a small % of the giant collection covers probably 80% of their customer base's use.

I think part of the problem is that in general sensors have come to a place that most people can't tell the difference APC to APC and FF to FF.. and one needs more than a Brand name to sell a camera.. Sell me a 5DMKIII vs a Sony A99 just based on features..

5DMKIII no 60P video, no ability to tilt the screen.. lower res.. lower DXO sensor scores. higher price

You are left with

  • Its a Canon
  • Canon has more lenses
  • It has the same OVF technology cameras have had for decades (that is disabled when shooting live from the sensor both still and video
  • and it has a half stop better high ISO noise performance

Its a defensive list.. if an established brand vs an technology aggressive company taking some good risks.. I mean really $3000 for a camera model line that doesn't do 60P video and has no ability to articulate the back LCD to help in shooting creative angles.

Its a Canon sells a ton of cameras.. it doesn't move the technology forward.

If you want comfortable.. predictable technology with a large user base to affirm your choice go Canon.. its good gear...

But it is not "sexy" anymore.. How many "Camera of the Year" awards has Canon had in the last 8 years?

  • 2006 Sony A100
  • 2007 Nikon D300
  • 2008 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1
  • 2009 Nikon D3x
  • 2010 Sony A55
  • 2011 Sony NEX-5
  • 2012 Canon 5dMKII *
  • 2013 Sony A7R

*And in the end the one Canon award was for best compromise...

"Our testing had a lot to do with it. Canon’s 22.3MP EOS 5D Mark III gained just 1.2MP over its predecessor, the still-current Mark II, but that was sufficient for overall Excellent image quality: resolution at 2750 lines per picture height, color accuracy at a Delta E of 6.9, and stellar noise suppression. To be sure, its resolution was not quite a home run among the finalists: The Sony A99 squeaked past it incrementally, and the Nikon D800 beat it by a country mile. But we felt strongly that the Canon produced the best balance across all imaging factors, "

Steady and predictable in design, never upsetting the users with anything too different is a solid business model and it works well when you are #1 as long as some doesn't so something really different that people want more than predictable.

But it also explains the lack of "Canon is better at", or "Canon is the only" vs Sony has bad Bond rating etc.

Its good gear learn how to back it affirmatively, not just in a negative defensive POV.

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