I've been lusting for a new camera, but only now have I an inkling what I truly want.

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Nice ramble, here is where we differ

millardmt wrote: [...]

Loved your ramble. I just like no-compromise, opinionated rambles when they are presented in a civilized way, even if they do not reflect my own goals. I think it will be difficult for you to find the camera you are looking for. Wish you best of luck in your quest, though.

Here is where we differ:

1) As little plastic as possible. I'll pay a 250% weight AND price penalty for this alone.

I would be happy if the whole camera was plastic (except for lens mount). That would help make the camera a little bigger wider and taller (better ergonomics) while keeping the weight as low as humanly possible.

3) As said before, everything should be removable/modular in design.

I want viewfinder built in always. I find removable items fiddly and fragile.

5) Camera size should be kept to an absolute minimum. (For example, I'd tolerate a substantially smaller than 3" (diagonal) LCD size to keep overall dimensions down.

Camera size should be larger than prevalent today but with low weight (see above about more plastic). However, I agree completely on smaller screens. Make the screen smaller and thus provide a more comfortable grip (again, ergonomics).

6) Wi-Fi, NFC, Art-Filters, social media connectivity and the like should be omitted altogether.

WiFi might come in handy for remote control. "Art filters" should be buried deep in menus, so they don't get activated accidentally. No hard buttons should be dedicated to them.

7) Mechanical shutter only.

Preferably electronic global shutter only.

8) All switches would be of aircraft grade only (or better).

Aircraft plastic, yes.

9) I would beg, borrow or steal $6,000 for a well designed MFT camera-body only with the above attributes.

Camera should not exceed $1000, unless it is mind-bogglingly superb (and even then only by cents).

Marc (thanking you all for your patience);

and, yes, I'm ready for institutional care ...

No, Marc, we all are. Good luck to both of us.

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