CV28 Ultron + VM-E on A7R

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Re: CV28 Ultron + VM-E on A7R

that looks like a cool neighborhood to live in!

i see everything that you said about those pics, but i think that there are things that can be done to help alleviate some of it.

were those shot hand-held? because there is micro jitter in most of 'em.

i've been doing a lot of lens testing lately... in bright sunlight i use full manual mode on the a7r:

iso200-250, or slightly higher if necessary.

test-shoot the lens at f8, then ~f10, then f11

shutter at 1/800th or faster if possible, never under 1/500th

i always use a monopod, at the minimum.

view this pic at 1:1, and scroll over to check out the sides... it was shot with an old vivitar 28mm f2.0 lens, using the settings that i just listed above, this was ~f10:

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