Self portrait in a Manassas store window -- ZS40 -- Black and white

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I actually owned an LF1 between the ZS20 and the ZS40.

In all my years of photography, the ZS20 was my first camera without a viewfinder and it will surely be my last. But it is, nonetheless, a great camera, with great image quality. It was sometimes difficult to use because of the lack of a viewfinder. Its main advantage was that it was small enough so that I could always take it with me.

The LF1 is also a great camera. It's tiny, has a fast lens, great image quality, has a real viewfinder, and a function button that can be set as an exposure lock. But the lens has too short a zoom range, at both ends.

If the LF1 is a diamond, the ZS40 is a cubic zirconia. It's bigger and more impressive in some ways, but not so much in others. It's what you get when you cross a ZS30 with an LF1. And it's my first Panasonic made in China rather than in Japan.

The lens has the longest zoom range of any camera I've owned, and it's very similar to the lens on the ZS30, but tweaked for additional range at the long end. Unfortunately, it's slower than the LF1's lens, and a few other features have been left out.

The ZS40 has a number of settings to tweak, and a number of workarounds to be figured out in order to make it the best photographic tool possible.

For instance, mine is set to 12MP and I only shoot JPEG fine.

What's interesting is the number of "keepers" I'm getting. Many more than with the LF1.


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ANAYV wrote:

Really nice, Tony!

I also favor the first shot.

Good eye.

wondering your thoughts of the ZS40 vs. the ZS 20 ( I think that's your previous version , in this series)

Will you be posting your thoughts on your website, of your ZS40?



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