70D Multiple exposures

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Re: 70D Multiple exposures (AEB)

lec log wrote:

Well,,,, looks like I owe all more than a "cup of coffee" for help on this camera already.
All multiple exposures now cleared from my Bracketed shots.

I got it all set up for Bracketing again with continuous drive firing. Worked just fine for a bit and then, there is this sorta....Wham..Slammed again!

For those who may find this thread, two more things I found out could throw mud at the Bracketed pie, (or single shot).

First; while on Av, I had adjusted the White Balance; C-3 WB Shift/Bkt, which in itself did not cause multiple exposures on each of my Bracketed images as long as it was still a single point on the color adjuster no matter how I moved it around.

However I had forgotten that I used the left/right arrows at the bottom, yep, that's right, duh on my part, where it says Bracket, which causes more of these cute little squares to arrive.

They look innocent enough and are as long as you realize, each one represents an additional color shift "image" for every bracketed (or single) image you take!

Second; At least on my Av set up, (to new at this to know if there are other extenuating circumstances), but when I have "Live View" activated, it does not allow my "drive" setting to fire multiple Brackets, (but will of course a single shot) so I have to switch to View Finder and then auto sequencing works.

Hope makes sense?


Glad you are getting it figured out.

If you shoot RAW there is never a reason to bracket WB, as you can change white balance dynamically in post processing. Or as I recall even with the in camera RAW to JPG processing.

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