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Dom1 wrote:

I just recently bought a D800 after playing around with a D7000 for a year. For now I am using my 16GB SD cards until I buy fast CF cards for it.

Each photo is roughly 40MB in NEF format and 32MB in DNG. The photo counter on the D800 shows I can only take 200 photos with my 16GB SD cards.

40MB * 200 photos = 8GB.

My math tells me I should fit 400 photos on a 16GB card.




Take of photo of anything with detail in RAW format.


Go to your shooting menu - second page.

Go to Change "NEF (RAW recording' and press ok

Go to first line it will probably say "type ON. press ok and change it "uncompressed"and press ok. It should now show up as off.

Go into the menu again and make sure the second line reads "NEF(RAW)bit depth 14-bit.

Now take a picture of the same scene. Load both pictures into your computer and check the file size.

Now take the capacity of the card and divide it by the size of the uncompressed file. you should be at about 200 pictures for your 16gb card

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RAW Lossless Compressed 12bit = 30MB

RAW Lossless Compressed 14bit = 40MB

RAW Uncompressed 12bit = 56MB

RAW Uncompressed 14bit = 74MB

Then when I convert to DNG on my PC I get

RAW Lossless Compressed 12bit = 19MB

RAW Lossless Compressed 14bit = 19MB

RAW Uncompressed 14bit = 28MB

RAW Uncompressed 12bit = 28MB

That's interesting because my 16MP D7000 files once converted to DNG on my PC were 16-19MB. I must have been shooting 14bit.

I left it on 12bit lossless compressed. Counter now shows 250 shots. I will max out the card to see the actual count. Thanks for the help!

I shoot in 14 bit lossless compressed. If you post process why would you want to throw away color data by using 12 bit.

8 BIT = 256 colors for each RGB so that 256*256*256 - 16,777,216 colors

12 BIT = 4096 colors per rgb 4,398,046,511,104 (over 4 trillion)

14 BIT = 16,384 colors per rgb 281,474,976,710,656 (over 281 trillion)

DNG is the LR compression format. There is no advantage to DNG. If you delete the originals you cannot get back or work on your nef. Everything I read and classes I took in LR said stay away from DNG.

I use tom hogans D800 guide. (bythom.com)

  • 14-bit Lossless compression. My default setting. You lose nothing other than some card space using this setting with the D800 model. I certainly use 14-bit when I shoot high dynamic range (HDR) image brackets, as I want even the underexposed images to have the cleanest data possible before integration into a single image.
  • 12-bit Lossless compression. If I know I need to conserve card space, I drop the bit-depth to 12-bit. This typically gains me about 20% more card space at only a little expense in image quality (primarily in low shadow detail recovery).
  • 12-bit Compressed NEF. I’ll only shoot this format in an emergency if I’m running out of card space. While it saves me another 10% or so in card space, it does so by severely reducing highlight data detail.
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Robert Capa "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough."

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