Thieves Steal Camera Lens from Around Photographer's Neck

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Re: Thieves Steal Camera Lens from Around Photographer's Neck

holyindian wrote:

Saw this video on youtube, not sure if this was posted before. My apologies if it was.

This is really scary, its an eye opener to see how organized this kind of theft could be.

God forbid, but did anyone experienced something like this? What would you do in this situation, or to avoid such a situation.

I am 5'9" 180# train regularly  and  if someone attempted to steal from me and I caught them  I'd probably beat them to death. Just a get out of  jail free card waiting to be cashed in. lol.

It has never happened to me,  and as for avoidance I do not give the vibe of a victim or place myself in situations where  I would be perceived as one by opportunists.

Lastly,  if I am shooting,  it means I'm working,  and there is going to be  at least one 6'2" 22 year old jock type model with me.  How many people will take those odds ?


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