G1X Mark II: first impressions

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G1X Mark II: first impressions

Coming from and comparing to a G3, a Pro1, a G12 and the G1X I more recently sold: thank you, Canon, for listening to your customers: no more lousy lenscap, but a nice, build-in protection, and the now reverse-mountable lenshood (alas on backorder) makes use and storage so much easier.

AF and general operations is MUCH faster than G1X, the touch screen interface is very, very exceptionallly well executed, feels totally 'natural' and 'intuïtive' to use.

No more optical viewfinder (a first on a G-camera, the 'peehole optical viewfinder' has been there since the G1 of 2000!) results in a smaller, more 'dense' body, the optional EVF (on backorder) will IMO be a big step forward: if you need a VF, you get a VF with all the shooting info, gridlines, electronic level, etc, and if you don't you have a smaller camera

The G1X MkII is definitely much smaller than the G1X: it 'swims' in the bag that snugly fitted the G1X (LowePro Apex 100AW), but snugly fits the 'G12-bag' (LowePro Apex 60 AW).

Because of it's smaller and more dense form, I again choose to attach my 'wrist-strap' OpTech CamStrap QD, in use since I bought my G3 in 2003, instead of any 'full' neckstrap I felt was necessary for the G1X, and so far, I really again like it

On a sidenote: I bought a Japanese home-market version, with only the Japanese and English language, and the 'flat' grip. That grip is a bit too flat for my taste, and the available extended grip again is on backorder, as is an 58mm lensfilter-holder that will make it possible to mount 58mm filters, in my situation it will mainly be used to attach my 58mm Canon Close Up filter (macrolens) 500D.

In general the body looks 'crippled' at first 'control-wise', compared to G12 or G1X with their seemingly more extensive external button-layout, seemingly giving more 'direct control', but when you start using G1X MkII, and start understanding and using the possibilities of the fully programmable lens rings, control wheel and buttons (both the 'S' and the 'direct movie' button are fully programmable), then the controls you need are there, are more direct (and react snappier) than on G1X.

Every compact I had to date has had a fully articulated, swivelling LCD: G3, Pro1, G12, G1X... I think the decision to put a 'up-down' only LCD on the G1X Mk2 is a mistake, but one I have to and will get used to. That said I already miss the possibilities to fully 'cover' the LCD to protect it, and shooting in bright light is just a tad less comfortable.

Almost last but not least: the lens, which was the deciding factor *for me* to upgrade: 24-120mm in stead of 28-112mm, very noticable, F2.0-F3.9 (effective DoF F4.0-F8.0) in stead of F2.8-F5.8 (effective DoF F5.6-F11.0) means a full stop increased DoF control, minimal focus distance ( 'macro mode' in compact terms) now enables a portrait from a person sitting across the tabel without having to switch to Macro-Mode first as with the G1X :-).

And finally: IQ: the first 'grab-shot' images I took look very promising, JPG engine is very nice as with the G12 and G1X, and the RAW files (I shoot JPG Medium Superfine + RAW) show great adjustment-potential too.

First Balcony Beer of 2014, captured with Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II

...cheers, and remember the above is just *my* €0.02 worth...

Kindest regards!


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