Has anyone been disappointed with the new 80-400?

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Re: Has anyone been disappointed with the new 80-400?

So here is my quick review of the 80-400 - I found (somewhat surprisingly) that the lens is quite large, especially with the hood, but nonetheless quite manageable hand-held. Build quality is what I would call "advanced prosumer" - meaning it does not have the absolute tank like feel of traditional Nikon fast pro glass (which of course this is not) - nevertheless it appears well made and should endure light to moderate abuse in the field. Focus accuracy and speed (on my D800) is very good to excellent during my testing (daylight) with only occasional hunting. I intend to use this lens for casual wildlife/birds, so my focusing is almost always center biased. Results from OOC JPEGS were surprisingly sharp. I would say my initial keeper rate from first use was around 60% - not too bad. The only 'issue' I have with the lens is the reduced viewfinder brightness, which can make composition somewhat challenging in low/variable light, and some micro-hunting in similar lighting conditions. My (obvious)take away is that if you are going to be shooting anything moving in low light/cloudy/variable weather or indoors under similar conditions, the 70-200 would most likely yield better results.

I have only had one day so far to use the lens, but overall I am impressed with it given its use case for me. Would I replace a 400 or 500 prime with it? In a scenario where I was going to require all day reach (e.g. birding), I would definitely still use the 400/500 primes w/TC options. In a scenario where variable reach and weight were a concern, the lens fits the bill. It also makes a great partner for my 24-120 f4 as a casual/travel kit.

Next up is testing with the TC 1.4 ...

A few quick OOC JPEGS (D800, monopod):

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