Running Win95 programs on Vista/Win7

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Lots of software using that tactic, it's not as bad as some

Well...  Lots of developers are using products like OpenCandy to increase their revenue.

OpenCandy is relatively "mild" compared to most of them, as you usually see a way to "opt out" of any extras it tries to install.

Developers of software like to believe the stuff that OpenCandy tells them in order to justify using it.  For example, the newer versions of OpenCandy don't actually leave any software running on your PC (from OpenCandy itself, not the other stuff you may end up having installed if you don't "opt out").

It scans your PC for other products and then tries to install stuff that's not already running to increase revenue.  For example, Browser Toolbars and adware.  Conduit is frequently one of the adware products it will try to install, and it's got a bad reputation.

Use of products like OpenCandy installers is becoming *very* common, and again, software developers want to believe that it's not harming their customers because there is usually a way to "opt out" of any extras.

They want to believe including those types of products is OK, because they can increase their revenue on their so called "free" products by including something like the OpenCandy installer.

But, again, the problem is that some of the products that OpenCandy will usually try to install are browser hijackers in the form of search toolbars and adware.  Those types of products automatically "hijack" your searches and give you search results filled with adverts that they make extra revenue from.   IOW, you're very likely to have some very nasty adware running on your PC if you're not *VERY* careful to read the fine print and make sure to "opt out" of the default extras like browser search toolbars.

Unfortunately, that's the trend anymore, and OpenCandy is not as bad as some of the others around.  But, if you do suggest a product using that type of installer, I'd at least warn users about it (telling them to be very careful to read the fine print, use a custom install, and uncheck the boxes for any extras that would be installed by default).

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