Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Thank you Nikon...Not a chance!

Are you kidding? What a joke. Nikon has seriously let it's once supportive customers a big way, they chose to lie, hide, and essentially try to steal people's money from them, with this D600 predicament... and then there's this 'thankyou', to Nikon? Well, I am happy atleast you are happy with this fiasco.

I remember still all the things that people had to do to force Nikon to show some level of customer satisfaction... class action lawsuits, governments refusing Nikon to be sold because their product is defective, numberous emails from unsatisfied D600 owners, with legitimate claims.

Before this situation, I was a strong supporter of Nikon, and very happy, but here I am slamming them...and you know what, I am not the type of person who talks behind someone's back.

Too bad Nikon.

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