Any Reason to get D5300 over A6000?

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rinkos Senior Member • Posts: 2,227
Re: Any Reason to get D5300 over A6000?

wb2trf wrote:

Personally I don't subscribe to the "one sensor (camera) many lenses" model anymore, however. I think it is pretty obsolete. For long zoom reach I use a superzoom because the shooting I do with that is all in bright light where sensor size doesn't matter much. The whole camera costs less than a decent long lens for APS-C and gives good results with more fun.

couldnt agree more with you

for long range a good superzoom will get you a very good result cause lest face it ..most super zoom targets are of a far different nature then a wide angle shots ( landscapes vs trying to catch a bird in a mostly blue skies for instance ) .

i think the 11fps on the A6000 plus very very positive AF speed and focus speed ( so far ) will mean much more then the 5fps on the D5200 ( not to mention the huge almost 50jpeg buffer on the a6000 ) .

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