EM-10 Shutter Lag - significantly worse than EM-5?

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Re: Fractions do count, in action shooting

Barry Stewart wrote:

Blaufeld wrote:

I really want to know how on earth, during camera use a normal human happens to be in a scenario during wich he can detect the differences between 0.02s and 0.13s...

It seems to me more needless number mast****tion.

Split seconds do make a difference in sports shooting — though a 10 fps motor drive, as in the E-M1, is great for "spray and pray."

I was shooting the tie-breaker penalty kicks at our soccer league's semi-finals and I got four frames between first contact and the goal line. That's roughly 4/10 of a second to travel 12 yards.

By extrapolation: 30 yards per second and 61 miles per hour (~100 km/h)… and many sports move at a higher pace — so if you're a one-shot shooter (not me), any excessive shutter lag — including evf/lcd lag — would be important.

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People who can't learn to anticipate a great action shot and who can't learn their equipment well enough to accommodate a lag of .11 of a second make lousy sports photographers.

Don't get me wrong, it's good to know the amount lag in exact terms, particularly in technical and scientific photography where the actual time between trigger stimulus and actual shutter release needs to be an exact known value. This type of information SHOULD be published.

But when dealing with sport and the all too human nervous system and its effect on a photographers ability to respond to stimuli and press the button, I can't believe it holds much relevance at all. Humans can learn to accommodate a gap of .11/sec quite readily.  It's called learning the gear.

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