G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

kinglau711 wrote:

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

kinglau711 wrote:

IQ wise it is a great camera! I played a little bit with the jpeg and was quite happy with its capability. So there will be even more room in raw!

What prompted me to sell is 1/ the handling 2/ the way the controls work is confusing (to me at least) 3/ the evf, while the image displayed is good, the evf is not large enough to be comfortable to use regularly (not to mention that finally I do find that adding it on top of the camera a bit unaesthetic and bulky).

I have not as much pleasure to shoot with the G1X Mark II as I have with my m/43 camera, Sony A7, Fuji X-T1 and even my 300$ Canon EOS M or G15.

You were doing fine until you mentioned the EOS-M, which has less controls and is less flexible, slower to shoot, less range, etc etc.

What about the EOS-M is better than the G1X M2 other than the obvious, like aps-c sensor, lighter weight, and slightly smaller size?

This is my personal preference, that's it. Go buy those cameras and keep whatever you like most. I don't have to justify myself everyone is different.

I don't understand why you're getting all defensive. I asked a pretty reasonable question. You said you didn't like the handling and controls, then you list a camera that clearly has worse handling and worse controls and say it's better, so I'm just wondering why..

It sounds like the camera cost too much for what you wanted, and you didn't actually need the bright 24-120mm lens after all, if you prefer a camera like the EOS-M, where you specifically stated its price.

The lens, after all, is one of the largest selling points of this camera. In addition to the "all in one" nature. I think a lot of people need to think about this before considering the G1X Mark II. If you have misplaced expectations, the camera will never work the way you want.

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