Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Yet more Nikon bashing...sigh...this is getting VERY old folks.

camerosity wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

It is clear customers want a D700 replacement, and the D610, D800/E, and D4s are not it.

It comes down to what will Nikon do, if anything, to prevent inevitable customer loss because of this.

Frankly, I don't see why people are so against the D800 as the D700 replacement. If 36MP is just too much, move the image size down to 20MP.

The D800 has tremendous improvements over the D700.

- Grip is better.

- Viewfinder is 100%

- Live View is vastly improved

- At 36MP the image quality is far better (ability to crop in is huge)

- Dual card slots (I put all my JPG's on the SD and RAW on the CF - far easier to manage the workflow this way).

I don't miss my D700. Love my D800.

...sorry to burst your bubble, Nikon bashers.

I think it all depends on what the D700 was purchased for. The people who bought one as a general purpose FX camera are more than likely the ones who think like yourself and upgraded to the D800. The ones who bought a D700 as a mini D3/D3s for action shooting are the probably the ones who don't see the D800 as a D700 replacement.

The problem is the latter group doesn't realize the D700 was never really meant to be a mini D3 it was actually meant to be a general purpose camera to compete with the 5D. Unfortunately for Nikon Canon released the 5DII with 21 megapixels and video shortly after the D700 and completely trashed them in the market even though in every other way the two cameras differed D700 was superior. Far better AF wasn't enough, Better metering wasn't enough, more fps wasn't enough, better build quality wasn't enough, a flash system that was generally regarded as better that Canon's version at the time wasn't enough. All that mattered was that the D700 only had 12 mp and to a lesser extent no video. So Nikon made a camera that had all the high end features of the D700 save the fps, the most resolution available in a DSLR, and great video to try to repeat Canon's success with the 5DII. Basically with the D800 Nikon gave the majority of the market what it said it wanted when they bought all those 5DIIs instead of D700s.

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