Community Challenge: Just One(?) Photo in March

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Re: Community Challenge: Just One(?) Photo in March


Thanks, Matt, for originating and continuing with the theme!

In a minimalist state of mind…

Hillside, Western Massachusetts

Driving from a conference to a friend's in the late afternoon, the sun was low in the southern sky. With all the snow and a cloudless sky, everything was so BRIGHT, crisp, and clear. There were many image possibilities, but i already had limited time to spend at my friend's so i was resisting the urge to stop at every flash of "Wow, look at that!".

Had to stop for this one, though. I would have liked a little more tree. I did have my snowshoes with me, and probably could have gained the hill a bit (after climbing a wire fence) to get a bit more of the white pine to reveal itself, but, again, was pressed for time.

Still, i think with the glaring snow and the oh-my-gosh-that's-a-really-blue sky, it conveys the starkness of the winter elements.

(Shot out the window of the car, after shuttling back and forth along the side of the road to maneuver the elements into position, bracing against the door frame, with the 55–210 on an NEX-7. It was about 18ºF and there were about three feet of snow on the ground.)

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