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Re: Thank you Nikon!

jgitomer wrote:

Three things.

First, someone brought up the issue of automobile recalls and compared them to Nikon's response to the oil problem on the D600. This isn't really a valid comparison since no one has died because of oil spots on a sensor.

Agree 100%

Second, as someone who once worked for a firm making high tech, highly complex gear I know that even once a problem has been identified it takes time -- much longer than the engineers, marketing people, legal department and customers hope -- to design, prototype and test a solution that can be retrofitted to existing gear.

Agree from the company's position. But the consumer was left with a $2,000 camera that had multiple trips for servicing and for SOME people became a real PITA to use. So I completely see your point about how Nikon was not left with many options, but it still was a raw deal for the consumer.

Thirdly, while waiting for the fix to be implemented it, unless the problem is life threatening, it makes no sense for the manufacturer to admit to the problem. Stop and think about it. Would Nikon have fared any better had they shouted from the rooftops "Hey we have a problem, but darned if we know how to fix it." I think not.

Again I see your point, thousands of units were already on the shelves of the retailers and a recall probably would have been a nightmare both logistically and PR-wise.

As a D600 owner I researched the problem when I first learned about it. I learned that the act of zooming a lens could get dust on a sensor and that sooner or latter all sensors need cleaning. The primary difference is that the D600 sensor needed cleaning more often than most (all?) other DSLRs.

Agree again, and my FX sensor does require cleaning more often than my DX sensor.

I decided that the image quality is worth the inconvenience and as a result of my research I purchased both Copper Hill sensor cleaning and a Sensor Cleaning Gel stick.

A whole lot of agreeing with you. I've thrown out all of my previous sensor cleaning tools and use  the same as you:
Copper Hill sensor cleaning plus Sensor gel stick


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