Macros/close-ups -- background blur and bokeh enhance -- part 1

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Macros/close-ups -- background blur and bokeh enhance -- part 1

In another thread I was asked how I deal with bokeh in post-processing. Here is my lond-winded but thorough answer.

Little to it -- mostly standard stuff. For completeness, a layer-by-layer recipe follows. My old recipe often had undesireable halos around foreground elements -- eliminated in this recipe (layer "a"). Requires that foreground elements be extracted and saved as selection ("Foreground"). Extraction process takes me from between 1 to 30 minutes, and occasionally as much as 45 minutes. I forego doing anything more complex. My recipe for image 3000 x 400 pixels, in layer order (layers from bottom to top):

2 Foreground edited
1 below = ForegroundNot
turn off visibility of layers below with letter names
h below @ softlight + autolevels + levels output maximum 192 (increase effect, invert layer to decrease effect)
g new layer @ overlay + set foreground color to gray 64 with eyedropper tool + fill with foreground color (luminance adjustment, set to gray 192 to lighten)
f below @ softlight + color cast adjustment (adjust for changes in hue)
e below + gaussian blur 64 (remove swirl marks)
d below @ color + autolevels + levels output maximum 128 (add more color)
c below + autolevels + levels output maximum 128
b below + gaussian blur 128
a using Content Aware Fill (PS CS 5 and later):
load Foreground + content aware fill + load ForegroundNot + delete
alternate if no Content Aware Fill:
load ForegroundNot + blur average + set foreground color with eyedropper tool + deselect + fill with foreground color + load ForegroundNot + delete
0 original with foreground elements extracted and saved as selection "Foreground"

Feedback is welcome.

David Dollevoet

20130804-140628-0-600x800x75.jpg  original

20130804-140628-1-600x800x75.jpg  "Foreground" edited

20130804-140628-2-600x800-75.jpg  Old recipe -- halo around "Foreground"

20130804-140628-3-600x800-75.jpg  This recipe -- no halo around "Foreground"

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