CV28 Ultron + VM-E on A7R

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Re: CV28 Ultron + VM-E on A7R

JeffGo wrote:

Got my new CV28/2 Ultron and the close focus adapter from Voigtlander. I took a few quick shots, nothing special, just checking sharpness and distortion.

Sony A7R sporting a CV28/2 Ultron

Exceptional build quality on this lens, compact and dense. The same can be said for the adapter which is heavier than expected. It has a helicoid focus in the mount to allow much closer focusing, but it takes some practice as it has a disproportionate effect compared to the lens focus ring. I still need to figure out some things about manual focusing, so OOF subjects are my fault.

As expected, distortion isn't a problem at least with landscapes that don't contain bricks or other straight lines. Microcontrast greatly exceeds my expectations and sharpness looks very good although I have not taken much to prove that the borders or corners are very sharp yet.

I took these shots in fairly crappy light, just before the incoming thunderstorm but before the lighting got interesting. There may be some magenta smearing in corners, certainly a little bit of CA which corrects in LR but not done in these postings. These were shot RAW, imported into LR5.3, standard sharpening of 25 and nothing else done.

F2, 1/250s, ISO 100 close focus engaged (about 8-10 inches from the chive plant). Any focus issues are my own as I relied on peaking and didn't have magnification engaged. Specular highlights aplenty if you zoom in, I don't know enough to say they are good or bad.

F2, 1/250s, ISO 100 close focus engaged.

F5.6 or F8, 1/250s, ISO 1250

I will try to take more interesting shots soon this was just what I could get to from my backyard before it poured (again).

Looks really nice Jeff. I think you made a great choice here. It'll be really nice to have f2 sometimes and 28mm, at least for me, is a very useful angle of view.

Here, I have the Canon 28/2.8 IS which I like a lot.

Some nice images there. I for one would like to see a few more.

Have you needed the fancy adapter, or would a cheaper one suffice?

Is it too early to decide if you will keep it?

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